Cybersecurity Services

Managed Detection & Response

Today's security operations must filter huge numbers of alerts coming from security and IT systems, a task that is made exponentially more difficult by the limited visibility of IT infrastructure and the constant change and increasing sophistication of attacker techniques. That’s why we incorporate Advanced Threat Detection technologies and Threat Intelligence capabilities into our customer-facing Security Operation Centers (SOCs).

The result of this effort is our brand new MDR (Managed Detection & Response) service portfolio that complements our existing MSS services focusing on Advanced Threat Detection, Threat Intelligence, hunting and digital forensics & incident response.

Main Components of Our Value Proposition

ElevenPaths MDR Lab

An expert team of threat, malware and exploit specialists who evaluate technologies from leading manufacturers (e.g. EDR, NTA, TIP, etc.), in order to provide advisory and consulting services based on organizations’ needs and technical requirements.

Managed services on those technologies

levenPaths experts and analysts provide managed services for those technologies and platforms. Administration and investigation of EDR alerts or integration of IoCs and management of TIPs for the application of threat intelligence.

i-SOC from ElevenPaths

Finally, traditional MSS capabilities (device management, alert monitoring, vulnerability management, compliance, etc.) merge with the sophisticated features of MDR (advanced threat detection with IoCs, intel-driven triage, incident investigation and response, proactive hunting processes, forensic analysis and sample reversing, etc.) to enable the customer to externalize their advanced capabilities of monitoring, detection, hunting and response in an ElevenPaths i-SOC.

Advanced Threat Detection

Digital Forensics & Incident Response

Threat Intelligence Services