Cybersecurity Services

Managed Detection & Response

Our specialized analysts, Test Lab and trusted partners strive to offer our customers managed detection and response beyond the traditional approaches. Also, they proactively detect relevant alerts, making them visible and giving control with a comprehensive solution and the adequate processes. Depending on the needs, we offer partial solutions or full turnkey solutions, completely designed and managed by us.

Explore our current offering for Managed Detection & Response:

Endpoint Detection & Response

New generation endpoint solutions to fight advanced malware and APTs Based on behavioral detection beyond the traditional signature-based anti-virus products.

High Value IoCs

Take a proactive cybersecurity stance through this threat intelligence feed comprised of high-value, fresh and enriched Indicators of Compromise from our trusted sources.

Threat Hunting & Counterintelligence

Build the right teams, processes, intelligence and tools to hunt down the most sophisticated attacks. Deceive adversaries into traps and study their objectives and techniques.

Incident Response

Specialized incident management to develop a predictable and effective response to any cyberincident.