Croowly is a ground-breaking business which focuses on the development of cybersecurity software. It specializes on the online secure authentication as well as access control.

Croowly centers the attention on innovation and the latest advances in the biometric field. Croowly has developed and commercialized two software solutions which are Firming and IdNotarial. These solutions have an important presence on different industries such as, banking, industrial, financial, legal, scientific and commercial sector.

Firming is a biometric platform for the secure signature of contracts, document certification and identities with juridical validity. It combines biometric data, facial and voice recognition in order to avoid document falsification.

IdNotarial is the solution that uses artificial intelligence to extract information from contracts in a very short period of time – it reduces the work from days to minutes. It is a very resourceful tool when verifying official credentials.

Either IdNotarial or Firming are solutions that can be used independently, however they can complement each other in order to achieve the most secure online identification.
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