ElevenPaths’ Labs Area located in Malaga, is one of the key pieces of our company. In perfect coordination with the Research Area based in Madrid and development director in London, we are working on transforming ideas into operational prototypes that emerge from the joint work of all the company members.

Thanks to the contribution of our expert, Sergio de los Santos, who leads and directs the Labs Area since 2013, we carry out proprietary research articles on security. Here you can find some of our latest discoveries, reflections and curiosities.

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The Trojan Banking Boom for Android: Who, How, and Why?

Amongst the most dangerous threats for mobile users you will find bank malware. Over time, attackers have always found ways to overcome the implemented obstacles put in place to stop them spreading. All of the details are in the post.

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Sep 2016

Análisis del nivel protección antiexploit en Windows 10

Cada nuevo sistema operativo que se lanza al mercado es más seguro que el anterior porque aplica más y mejores técnicas de mitigación o protección en seguridad. Sin embargo, los problemas siguen ahí.
Se transforman, se intercambian, se potencian unos y

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Aug 2016

eMule: is it always a source of malicious files?

Es un hecho demostrable con cualquier búsqueda en un cliente del tipo eMule, que bajo cracks, serials, ejecutables y todo tipo de reclamos, se esconde software malicioso.

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