From Crazy Ideas to Real-World Technology

The Labs area at ElevenPaths is one of the key facets of the enterprise. In perfect coordination with the Research area, its objective is to transform into operational prototypes the ideas that arise from the collaborative work of all of the company's employees. The design of prototypes or proofs of concept, makes it possible for these ideas to attain an optimal level of maturity and, following this, discover whether they are in line with the various directions into which ElevenPaths is already headed, or whether they warrant venturing into new directions.

New products & Tools

Compliance with this objective is critical for two reasons: First, it is necessary to prepare a space and mechanism guaranteeing optimal use of the combination of skills and experience that has resulted from the creation of this company. Second, once the prototype has been validated, it is necessary to evaluate its viability as a security product, and analyze associated risks to decide whether the company must allow the enterprise to foray into new directions.

Some of these prototypes, based on the results of this evaluation, will be offered as independent products through the Labs web site. We will publish consolidated programs, tools, technical documents, or code whose proof of concept has satisfied our needs or curiosity. The code will be useful to users, administrators, or professionals sharing these concerns. It is important to remember that some of the tools described herein have not been developed for professional reasons but rather to be useful and practical.