Investigation report “Twitter data leakage”

Investigation report “Twitter data leakage”

Our analyst team reveals all the details on the latest Twitter data leakage. Download the report!

On 21 June, a tweet was posted on the @0x2Taylor account which revealed the credentials from 41 million Twitter accounts. The link contained a single file in which, on each line, a username or email address and the associated password were clearly written. This information suggests that the account details were obtained directly from end users either by means of phishing campaigns or by installing malware on victims’ computers.

The entity responsible for the publication is a recognised player in the field of data leaks who has caused other leaks, such as the one which affected Remote Staff on 3 May, and who actively contributes to a website dedicated to leaking this type of material. This cyber identity does not aim to go unnoticed as it tends to attach a header with its name along with the credentials that it leaks, in addition to facilitating email accounts or aliases in order to request new thefts of information via various social networks. The Twitter account of the author now has almost 19,000 followers, which shows that this cyber identity has a mature profile and that it has the capability to carry out continuous attacks on databases of different kinds.

When faced with this kind of breach, ElevenPaths’ Analyst Team reliably verifying the existence of potentially affected corporate email accounts that make use of said services becomes necessary.

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