Investigation report on the cyber identity “The Inj3ct0r Team”

Investigation report on the cyber identity “The Inj3ct0r Team”

ElevenPaths’ analyst team has been following the track of The Inj3ct0r Team cyber identity, whose purpose is the collection and distribution of the exploits. Download the report!

The Inj3ct0r Team is a collective that was originally founded in 2003 by cyber identities of different nationalities. Since December 2008 it has been using different domains to collect and distribute the exploits through its website. The group has also positioned itself as an intermediary in the service offering of password cracking and personalised pentesting services.

In spite of ensuring that the material it distributes is solely for educational purposes, it has managed to collect approximately 500,000 dollars in bitcoins since 2013 through the trade of exploits.

Find out from our intelligence analysts how operates the cyber identity “The Inj3ct0r Team”.

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