Investigation report on the cyber identity “0xZANUT”

Investigation report on the cyber identity “0xZANUT”

Our intelligence analysts has been following the traces of 0xZANUT cyber identity, who is involved in operations against government organisations. Discover more information in our report!

This cyberidentity would be active since 2013 and defines himself as «Security Researcher» or «Ethical hacker» and has made several publications on computer security and tutorials on how vulnerable assets are compromised on the Internet.

The publication of tools for the automation of vulnerability searches, which were collected in the individual’s repository, along with the choice of medium-high profile targets, such as government resources or universities in different regions of Spain, and the high activity of the account @Oldbrute since its creation, it’s possible that this cyberidentity may continue making attacks against other similar entities.

Find out from our intelligence analysts how operates the cyber identity “0xZANUT”.

» Download the full research report “CyberSecurity Avatar: 0xZANUT