Investigation Report “MERNIS Information Leak”

Investigation Report “MERNIS Information Leak”

Download now the report and find out from our Analyst Team a database associated to the Central Population Management System (MERNIS, for its acronym in Turkish) of the Turkish Ministry of Interior containing 49,611,709 records related to Turkish citizens was leaked.

Among the filtered information different fields showing the identification number, citizens’ names in ASCII, their parents’ name, city and date of birth, sex, and complete mailing addresses (including city, district, street and door) could be found.

It seems that hacktivists became the cause of the leakage. The person that published the information refers to the political and religious situation in Turkey, which describes as extremist.

Our experts conclude that any kind of bad security practices when choosing passwords and recovery questions can encourage the exploitation of different fields leaked online such as birthplace, date or even the names of direct relatives.

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