Investigation report “iMesh data leakage”

Investigation report “iMesh data leakage”

Our intelligence analysts reveal the details of iMesh information breach. You will be surprised by the amount of leaked data and the responsible of this cyber-crime. Will you miss it?

P2P platform iMesh credentials belonging to more than 51 million users were offered for sale on the deep web at the beginning of June. ElevenPath’s analyst team uncovers all the details of this data breach case. Download the research report!

The leak, which occurred four days after the company suddenly shut down its services through a communiqué published on its official web page, contained personal information such as usernames, emails, passwords, and IP addresses.

Later, on July 5, Twitter profile @imtolame published a tweet with a link to the company’s database. This led to the previously sold information being withdrawn just a few days later from deep web markets due to its loss of value. Additionally, said Twitter account has been recently implicated in the leak of similar contents, as well as in different operations belonging to the Anonymous group.

ElevenPaths’ analysts recommend to conduct a review of awareness policies aimed at avoiding the registration of professional accounts in third party services not linked to the work environment, as well as the reutilization of access passwords in different systems.

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