Investigation report “COMELEC Information Leak”

Investigation report “COMELEC Information Leak”

Download the report about Philippines’ voter data hacking. Our team of analysts tell you first hand about the new case of COMELEC information leak.

On 27 March, the Philippines government voter website was hacked. The only message appearing on the site was signed by Anonymous Group of Philippines. The attackers proved the need for higher security in the Precint Count Optical Scan systems, responsible for vote counting and verification, to avoid possible vote rigging in the general elections of the country.

The leaked identities volume exceeds 50% of the country’s population. The information was stored on the page of the next general election Commissioner (COMELEC).

Although a part of the information was encrypted (such as date of birth), our team of experts identified other personal data left wide open (such as phone number, full address and passport number).

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