“Insecurity of IoT” report carried out by ElevenPaths’ Analyst Team

“Insecurity of IoT” report carried out by ElevenPaths’ Analyst Team

You can now download the full report about “Insecurity in the Internet of Things” carried out by ElevenPaths’ Analyst Team.

In the past six months potential insecurity within the Internet of Things (IoT) has been regularly making news headlines, from hacking planes, cars, or baby monitors, to Smart TV’s insidiously listening to and broadcasting unencrypted conversations across the internet.        

The concept of security by design must be given a higher priority in order to avoid security flaws being compounded as the IoT matures, and adopters should be alert to IoT integration in a less mature, loosely regulated environment, or risk costs spiralling later. Core principles of data, application, network, systems and hardware security remain applicable but the complexity is higher and measures must be more careful not to work against the user. The IoT will be transformational, disruptive technological movement, but carries a spectrum of risks that affect more than just the IT department.

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