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TUTORÍA (in Spanish, Tutorización Universitaria para la Transferencia y Observatorio de Retos de Innovación Avanzada)

We coordinate this programme aimed at advising, helping and guiding universities to carry out scientific-technical development projects that respond to real market needs.

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Tailored to the needs of students and teachers. The proposals allow for adaptation to the ideas and experience of the student.


The challenges respond to the existing requirements demanded by the industry within a context of research and innovation.


Proactive and continuous monitoring of the solution to the challenges − streamlining and encouraging their development and supervising their alignment with the requirements.


Challenges suitable for Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Theses. They can even be the seed of PhD theses.

Terms and conditions

Please, have a look at the terms and conditions of this call to clarify any queries about the functioning, details and requirements of the programme.

participating universities

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