Metashield Clean Up

Offer a public service of analysis and discovery from any device the metadata contained in your files

Tool description

Analysis and cleaning of metadata without complications.

Metadata, or “data about data”, hidden in files and documents that we work with every day can help malicious users to obtain critical information about our company’s environment.

Metashield Clean-Up online offer a public service of analysis and discovery from any device the metadata contained in your files.

Know the information, which, without knowing, you are offering when you publish or share documents or multimedia files.

Avoid exposing personal or organizational information that is hidden, automating local or online cleaning processes with Metashield Protector family security solutions, guaranteeing the quality of information, avoiding risks and helping to comply with regulations (ENS, GDPR).

Files that can be analyzed and cleaned: Microsoft® Office 2007-2016, Microsoft® Office 97-2003, Open / Libre Office, iWorks, Multimedia: *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.png, *.tif, *.tiff, *.avi, *.mp4, *.mp3, Comprimidos *.zip y *.tar, Otros: *.pdf, *.rtf


Analyze your files with Metashield Clean-Up online

To analyze the metadata in a file, choose the file below and click on “Analyze”. Once you accept the Terms and Conditions of Metashield Clean-Up online a screen will appear with the summary of metadata found. If you wish to eliminate the metadata found, you can use another product from the Metashield family.

The service does not store the files that are uploaded to the tool. Once used, the file is deleted. The type of metadata found is stored for statistical purposes.
Metashield Clean Up



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