PsicoWifi (Privacy & Security, Internet Connections Optimizer WiFi) is a Wi-Fi security integral manager with different functionalities

Technology description

This POC improve privacy and Wi-Fi connection control by a centralized and easy-to-use tool. It adds and strengthens the operative system and network interface possibilities.


To achieve this, the following functionalities are introduced:

- Avoid potential tracking by probe request packets (and consequently by MAC) that are broadcasted when trying to connect to known networks
- Randomize hardware addresses
- Control of hidden SSID broadcast
- Control of connections to location-based known SSID
- Show passwords from stored networks, connection dates, etc.
- Simple Wi-Fi profiles importation and exportation
- Centralize Wi-Fi events
Innovation Technologies

PsicoWifi Mobile

PsicoWifi Mobile (Privacy & Security, Internet Connections Optimizer WiFi) mobile is a Wi-Fi security manager with different functionalities.