The tool facilitates the protection of the user's privacy and security in a simple, intuitive and cross-platform way.

Metashield Bot

Metashield Bot is a cross-platform bot that offers the same functionalities as Metashield for free or by subscription. This tool facilitates both privacy protection and user security in a simple, intuitive and cross-platform way, as guaranteed by Metashield.


Metashield Bot is available on the following platforms: Slack, Android, Telegram and Skype. It allows the analysis and cleaning of metadata in a multitude of document formats in the context of a conversation or group.
Metashield Bot
Innovation Technologies

Metashield Clean-Up

Offer a public service of analysis and discovery from any device the metadata contained in your files.


Patented malware detection system, using Artificial Intelligence (AI), that respects your privacy by analysing documents without the need to share them.

WordPress in Paranoid Mode

A tool to monitor the actions that occur on critical WordPress tables, allowing the owner to enable or disable, through a second factor authorization, actions about WordPress Tables.