Provides insight into how aggressive embedded advertising can be in mobile applications

Technology description

For end users, MAD allows them to know, without the need to install an app on Android, the level of aggressiveness that advertising can reach within them. It assesses the integrated ad system to evaluate whether the advertising may be too invasive or infringe on the user's privacy.

For analysts, MAD allows them to perform high-level research and to know at all times the current state of the AdNetworks ecosystem with advanced statistics such as the number of applications that use them, antivirus detections of these applications, average number of permissions they use, etc.


Thanks to the MAD analyst dashboard, it is possible to obtain specific information about the AdNetworks ecosystem on Android and to fully understand how it works. The analyst dashboard includes, among others, the MAD ranking of advertising providers, where these providers are evaluated monthly based on the characteristics of the apps that use them. From this panel, it is possible to obtain specific statistics for each AdNetwork, as well as to analyse specific apps individually to obtain the list of advertising providers they use, as well as their quality statistics.

All this information can be consumed via API. MAD can be used both from its own extension for Chrome and Firefox, while browsing the Google Play website, and from a specific application for Android (soon available).
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GmtCheck Online

Provides further information about malicious applications and applets.

Maltego Transforms for Tacyt

Since Tacyt counts with a comprehensive API and a SDK for an easier used we presented this natural step to created transforms with Maltego.


With GmtCheck you will be able to know the time zone from where an app has been created.