Provides further information about malicious applications and applets

Technology description

GmtCheck Online gives us insight into where the millions of malicious applications and applets (.jar files) come from, their origin and provenance, providing useful information to tackle them.


· Time zone estimation: GMT Check Online allows you to know, in most cases, the time zone from which the application comes from.

· Metadata files, domains and certificate information: by using it online, useful information is extracted at the same time about existing metadata of files included in the application, domains in the application code and all the most significant information about your certificate.

· Language information: extracts information related to both the geographical context of the application and the languages into which it has been translated.
GmtCheck Online
Innovation Technologies

Maltego Transforms for Tacyt

Since Tacyt counts with a comprehensive API and a SDK for an easier used we presented this natural step to created transforms with Maltego.


Provides insight into how aggressive embedded advertising can be in mobile applications.


With GmtCheck you will be able to know the time zone from where an app has been created.