Patented malware detection system, using Artificial Intelligence (AI), that respects your privacy by analysing documents without the need to share them.

Technology description

DIARIO is a new concept in malware analysis for office documents. Using an Artificial Intelligence engine, with 100% technology from ElevenPaths, Telefónica Tech's cyber security team, it is capable of scanning documents without them ever leaving the perimeter of the company or user. The documents are not sent to any other system and are not stored, thus maintaining the total privacy of the content.


DIARIO complements the usual antivirus solutions by adding intelligence, mainly based on the behaviour of malware samples, and providing value, especially in the most recent ones, while maintaining the privacy of the data contained in the file as it does not need to be scanned from another device.

• Machine Learning Engine: Machine Learning, created and patented by ElevenPaths. During its design, it has trained its learning model with the malicious traces less recognisable by traditional antivirus, in order to cover a gap that these solutions are not able to fill. Therefore, it is not intended to replace antivirus, but to complement them by acting in a space where endpoint solutions cannot reach.

• Total privacy: it provides a guarantee of privacy that other malware detection solutions are unable to match, since it does not have to move the data to another point where it needs to be scanned. In this way, the potentially sensitive information contained in the office document is not compromised either on the network or at the destination, only the potentially malicious information contained in it is analysed and exported by means of indicators and intelligence generated by ElevenPaths' technology.

• Easy integration: provides unique tools for developers by providing an API, SDK and command line tools to be integrated with other software solutions to add an additional or complementary layer of malware detection.
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