Social listening platform (social network analysis) for intelligence extraction, reputation crisis detection, coordinated campaigns, automated profiling communities, etc.

Technology description

ALDARA is a social network analysis (SNA) tool based on the analysis of the behaviour of profiles and how they relate to each other for the extraction of intelligence by analysts, with the capacity to generate actionable intelligence.


Aldara's functionalities are the following:

· Source aggregation: it is directly integrated with Twitter and can be incorporated with other information sources, both internal and external, to act as a unified information consolidator from different sources.

· Advanced social network analysis: the information obtained from social networks is processed by applying different exclusive algorithms developed by ElevenPaths to analyse how conversations are carried out, and what relationship the analysed profiles have in order to provide as much context information as possible regarding an analysis.

· Profile identification and monitoring: as a result, ALDARA is able to identify who are the most relevant profiles within a conversation, sub-conversations or threads within a discussion, or even identify coordinated behaviour or botnets by different social profiles.

· Advanced processing: ALDARA uses different Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms to identify anomalies, extract entities, automatically classify the topics of a conversation and extract the answers analysts need.

· Actionable intelligence: it addresses analysts' needs through dashboards and graphs that help interpret results.

· Graphical display: the graphical display and export capability is configurable for certain variables, allowing indicators to be extracted quickly through its intuitive interface.
Innovation Technologies

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