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Social listening platform (social network analysis) for intelligence extraction, reputation crisis detection, coordinated campaigns, automated profiling communities, etc.



Secure identification system using the mobile screen and a capacitive token.


Certificate Transparency

Certificate Transparency is a new layer of security on top of TLS ecosystem.



CriptoClipWatcher will check if, once you have copied a cryptocurrency wallet or address into your clipboard, it is modified before you replace it from your clipboard.



Patented malware detection system, using Artificial Intelligence (AI), that respects your privacy by analysing documents without the need to share them.



Hack solved as of iOS 11.2 that accesses services and information from Bluetooth-enabled devices.


DirtyTooth for Raspberry Pi

This tool represents a software implementation of the DirtyTooth Speaker in the form of a .deb package for Raspberry Pi.



A simple command line tool that creates a configuration for importing into EMET, so that the user does not need to take any action.



With GmtCheck you will be able to know the time zone from where an app has been created.


GmtCheck Online

Provides further information about malicious applications and applets.


Hidden Networks

Hidden Networks is a POC that is programmed using Python 3.4. It facilitates the task of analysing local and remote machines in searching for traces of connections by USB devices.



IDoT is the next generation of IoT, bringing capabilities, analytics and security to traditional IoT services based on robust identity.


Latch USB Monitor

Monitors Plug ‘n Play device (PNP) changes in Windows and gives the user the possibility of tracking incoming devices, and react accordingly to a preconfigured Latch response.


Latch ARW

Latch ARW is a tool that adds a layer of authorization in Windows systems on “protected” folders so that any write or delete operation of the files is denied.



m33tfinder is a tool to detect active conference ID ranges in a Cisco Meeting Server.



Provides insight into how aggressive embedded advertising can be in mobile applications.


Maltego Transforms for Tacyt

Since Tacyt counts with a comprehensive API and a SDK for an easier used we presented this natural step to created transforms with Maltego.


Metashield Bot

The tool facilitates the protection of the user's privacy and security in a simple, intuitive and cross-platform way.


Metashield Clean-Up

Offer a public service of analysis and discovery from any device the metadata contained in your files.



MicEnum is a graphical tool that enumerates the Integrity Levels of the objects in the hard disks, helps to detect anomalies and allows to store and restore this information in an XML file.



Neto is a tool which is used to analyze browsers extensions.



Python script that extracts and saves in a database some PE file security characteristics or flags searching for every PE binary in a whole directory, and saving results in a database.


Pin Patrol for Chrome

A tool for improving the experience using HSTS and HPKP in Chrome. It shows this information in a human readable way, from your own browser or from any other.


Pin Patrol for Firefox

Firefox extension that shows in a readable format, the state of HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security) and HPKP (HTTP Public Key Pins) domains stored by the browser.



PsicoWifi (Privacy & Security, Internet Connections Optimizer WiFi) is a Wi-Fi security integral manager with different functionalities.


PsicoWifi Mobile

PsicoWifi Mobile (Privacy & Security, Internet Connections Optimizer WiFi) mobile is a Wi-Fi security manager with different functionalities.



A Python script to work with shellcode on Windows.


Recover Popcorn

This tool recovers the password required to decrypt those files encrypted by the first version of PopCorn ransomware that appeared by the end of 2016.



Instant messaging engine that allows efficient and highly modular configuration of the services provided to customers regardless of the channel used.



New concept in the process of strong authentication as well as authorisation and signature of documents by a simple mobile pattern gesture.



An open-source tool for Threat Hunting teams that collects, unifies, shares, stores and interlinks all cyber threat research information.



UAC-A-Mola is a tool that allows security researchers to investigate new UAC bypasses, in addition to detecting and exploiting known bypasses.


VCrypt Decryptor

This tool attempts to decrypt files with the default password of the VCRYPTOR ransomware.


Wannacry File Restorer

Wannacry File Restorer allows recovering files left in the middle of the Wannacry malware encryption process on a computer. Thanks to this PoC, these files can be recovered.


WordPress in Paranoid Mode

A tool to monitor the actions that occur on critical WordPress tables, allowing the owner to enable or disable, through a second factor authorization, actions about WordPress Tables.

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Products & Services

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