PsicoWifi (Privacy & Security, Internet Connections Optimizer WiFi) is a Wi-Fi security integral manager with different functionalities


This POC improve privacy and Wi-Fi connection control by a centralized and easy-to-use tool. It adds and strengthens the operative system and network interface possibilities.


To achieve this, the following functionalities are introduced:

- Avoid potential tracking by probe request packets (and consequently by MAC) that are broadcasted when trying to connect to known networks.
- Randomize hardware addresses.
- Control of hidden SSID broadcast.
- Control of connections to location-based known SSID.
- Show passwords from stored networks, connection dates, etc.
- Simple Wi-Fi profiles importation and exportation.
- Centralize Wi-Fi events.

Recover Popcorn

This tool recovers the password required to decrypt those files encrypted by the first version of PopCorn ransomware that appeared by the end of 2016.

PsicoWifi Mobile

PsicoWifi Mobile (Privacy & Security, Internet Connections Optimizer WiFi) mobile is a Wi-Fi security manager with different functionalities


Antiransomware is a tool that adds a layer of authorization in Windows systems on “protected” folders so that any write or delete operation of the files is denied.