PsicoWifi (Privacy & Security, Internet Connections Optimizer WiFi) is a Wi-Fi security integral manager with different functionalities enabling to improve privacy and Wi-Fi connection control.

PsicoWifi Mobile

PsicoWifi Mobile (Privacy & Security, Internet Connections Optimizer WiFi) mobile is a Wi-Fi security manager with different functionalities

Hidden Networks

Hidden Networks is a POC that is programmed using Python 3.4. It facilitates the task of analysing local and remote machines in searching for traces of connections by USB devices.

WordPress in Paranoid Mode

A tool to monitor the actions that occur on critical WordPress tables, allowing the owner to Enable or Disable, through a second factor authorization, actions about WordPress Tables.

Recover Popcorn

This tool recovers the password required to decrypt those files encrypted by the first version of PopCorn ransomware that appeared by the end of 2016.


Antiransomware is a tool that adds a layer of authorization in Windows systems on “protected” folders so that any write or delete operation of the files is denied.

Wannacry File Restorer

Wannacry File Restorer allows recovering files left in the middle of the Wannacry malware encryption process on a computer. Thanks to this PoC, these files can be recovered.

Our Projects



CapaciCard uses the matrix of sensitive areas from smartphone screens to be able to make an unequivocal identification of users without additional technology: just the smartphone screen itself. It can also be printed on printable surfaces from devices such as drones, IoT, etc.



Hack resolved from iOS 11.2 version. By exploiting this hack, the services and information located on user’s device using Bluetooth technology could be accessed.



A new concept in malware detection. DIARIO scans and analyzes documents in a static way while protecting the privacy of the content.



SmartPattern is a new authentication concept that allows you to log in to any web service that supports standard protocols (such as OAuth2) and sign documents with a smart, simple and usual movement that may be performed on any smartphone.