Our centres place Telefónica Cyber Security Tech at the forefront of developing cyber security products and services.

TEGRA: Cyber Security R&D Centre in Galicia

TEGRA is a cyber security innovation centre based in Galicia. It is a collaboration between Telefónica Cyber Security Tech and Gradiant (the Galician technology centre). There are three research lines: Data Security, Security Analytics, R&D Labs.


resources until 2020

2 Centres

A Coruña and Vigo


with institutional support


Data Security

  • Development of technologies that allow users to obtain a greater traceability in the document management processes.
  • Information protection and secure file sharing by integrating in-house tools.
  • Centralised application of intelligent security policies.

Security Analytics

UEBA (User and Entity Behavior Analytics)

It is an approach based on the patterns of connection to a computer or network with the aim of detecting behavioral anomalies that might suggest potential threats or network intrusions.

EWS (Early Warning System)

Systems for the early detection of events on social networks.

R&D Labs

TEGRA allocates 20% of its activity to research, dissemination and awareness.

Cyber Security research, papers and events.

Innovative proof of concepts.


Gradiant: The perfect partner for our adventure

+100 researchers devoted to strategic lines for Telefónica


It benefits from institutional support:

Subsidised by the Galician Innovation Agency through the Joint Research Units Programme 2017, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER) in the framework of the Programa Operativo Feder Galicia 2014-2020. File number IN853A- 2017/13, Resolution of the Axencia Galega de Innovación on June 17 th, 2016. Supported by the Consellería de Economía, Empleo e Industria de la Xunta de Galicia.

Xunta de Galicia