Trend Report “Vulnerabilities Trends in the Second Semester of 2016″

Trend Report “Vulnerabilities Trends in the Second Semester of 2016″

ElevenPaths’ analyst team updates you on vulnerability trends. Don’t miss out on this new research report where you will find the analysis corresponding to the second semestre of 2016. Get the full report!

On this report 94.86% of the results obtained are due to five categories of vulnerabilities: data leaks in metadata (49.40%), information management errors (24.84%), configuration errors (9.17%), inadequate validation of input data (7.44%) and cryptographic problems (4.01%). These five categories represent 8.36% more than the first semester report.

These are some of the conclusions reached from the research:

  • Some 87.01% of detected vulnerabilities indicate that the vast majority of failures are to be found in the configuration of equipment and systems.
  • Of close to the total number of detected vulnerabilities, about 70% are related to SSL, either due to protocol versions with weak encryption or weak certificates.
  • In the geographic areas of both LATAM and EMEA, data leaks in metadata are predominant (55.57% and 37.32%, respectively). However, configuration errors were predominant in the first semester for the EMEA area.

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