Research report “ data leakage”

Research report “ data leakage”

Our intelligence analysts unravel the new data breach case of an online gaming platform Download the research report and find out more!

The online gaming platform experienced a security incident in May 2016 when one of the platform’s apparent databases was put up for sale, affecting more than 68 million users. This information leak was publicly exposed in August through forums dedicated to trading stolen credentials.

The leaked information was personal data, exposing platform usernames and passwords as well as e-mails, dates of birth, gender and IP addresses. Owing to the specific theme of the affected site, it is possible that the exposed data pertains to millions of minors or under age users, which increases the risk for these affected users to be targeted in phishing campaigns, scams or other attacks directed towards the under age population.
Our analysts recommend to the adults responsible for said minors to monitor the exposed accounts and any received messages, and to teach minors awareness in order to minimise the risks that can originate from this exposure.

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