Investigation report on “Lizard Squad” cyber identity

Investigation report on “Lizard Squad” cyber identity

ElevenPaths’ analysts team has been following the track of the Lizard Squad cyber identity that has been responsible for attacks such as those committed on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live in December 2014. Download this research!

The name Lizard Squad appeared for the first time in association with the DDoS attack on the servers of the League of Legends game committed on 18 August 2014. The most significant kinds of attacks it usually carries out include bomb threats, DDoS attacks and false claims of responsibility for attacks on celebrities and high-profile platforms. In order to publicize its acts it tends to use different Twitter accounts (some not currently available) and streaming platforms.

Given the heterogeneous nature of the group and the casualties it has suffered in terms of its members, the motivations justifying its actions have evolved since its beginnings, but it has always been distinguished by a search for the spotlight, identifying high-profile organisms as its targets, there is evidence that it has attempted to monetize its activity by offering DDoS attack services and reselling vouchers of the MEGA platform.

Find out about the “Lizard Squad” cyber identity from our intelligence analysts.

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