Foca Market

This is the Foca Market. Here you will find exciting plugins to feed and improve the Foca.
Just click on them to know more.

Information Gathering

Adds some features to get DNS, Whois... information about the site.

Git Finder

Adds some features to find hidden Git files in the site.

SVN Finder

Adds some features to find hidden SVN files in the site.

Certificate Transparency Checker

Adds Certificate Transparency SCT validation if in the site.


Detect and explorer SQL injection vulnerabilities using the SQLMap API.

Have I Been Pwned

Allows to ask haveIbeenpwned.com and hesidohackeado.es for the emails found in FOCA metadata extraction phase, just with one click.


Comunicates general plugins with FOCA, so it allows to take de best from any plugin you think it may be useful.