Managed Detection & Response


Detection and response to advanced malware and targeted attacks

The endpoint is the main gateway used by attackers to compromise an organization. Traditional security solutions protect the network (firewalls, IDS, DLP, etc.) but not from the risks arising from the new digital ecosystem (employees working outside the corporate network, obscured traffic, or Shadow IT/IoT). And the traditional antiviruses based on signatures are insufficient for today’s attacks. We need new strategies to effectively fight against sophisticated attacks that employ advanced malware, exploits or APTs.

Endpoint Detection & Response solutions cover:

  • Preventive (pre-infection) and detective (post-infection) model based on behavioral pattern analysis.
  • Reactive (post-incident) approachsupported by containment capabilities and rapid remediation of incidents (seconds or minutes).
  • Forensic capabilities, based on analysis of the endpoint activity log (network traffic, processes, etc.).
  • Aggregated intelligence, through a continuous process of research and innovation thanks to our laboratory and expert analysts.


  • Enhancement of the anticipation capabilities against attacks directed against an organization.
  • Reduction of exposure time to security incidents.
  • Global vision and contextualization of the threats against your endpoints through a process of investigation and enrichment of the events collected.
  • Extensive endpoint coverage supported and ease of deployment.
  • Centralization of information through an administration panel.

Target group:

Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) is designed and focused on organizations that need to protect themselves from a wide range of attacks:

  • Advanced malware and other sophisticated targeted attack techniques (APTs).
  • Exploits (remote and local) aimed at exploiting existing vulnerabilities in the organization’s endpoints.
  • Attacks from insiders or social engineering techniques.

There is no single optimal solution for all organizations. Depending on the risk profile, the current solutions deployed, and the capabilities of an organization’s operations team, a different option will be the most appropriate.
At ElevenPaths we have our own laboratory where we thoroughly test all the technologies in order to be able to recommend the option that best suits each organization.