ElevenPaths Security Day 2014

ElevenPaths Security Day 2014

Security scenarios against malicious insiders with Latch. During the conference we will present some easy to implement mechanisms to reduce the exposure time of services and minimize vulnerabilities through which these services can be exploited. Participants: Chema Alonso and Pablo Gonzalez from ElevenPaths and Rames Sarwat from SmartAccess.

Eleven Paths Security Day 2014. Link

Asegúrate de quién usa las contraseña de tus empleados en entornos Windows, Mac y Linux.
By Chema Alonso (CEO ElevenPaths) Link

Cómo proteger el uso de los certificados digitales en la empresa con Latch.
By Rames Sarwat (SmartAccess) Link

Fallos de seguridad en tiempo real.
By Chema Alonso (CEO ElevenPaths) & Pablo González (Faast Project Manager ElevenPaths) Link