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ElevenPaths Partners Program: Together We Create a Safer Digital World

In an environment where cyber threats keep increasing and turning cybersecurity in one of the main concerns of both companies and users, at ElevenPaths we believe in the idea that “together we are stronger". The ElevenPaths partners program is designed to help organizations to achive digital transformation in a secure way. Download partners program Become a partner Partners categories

Partners categories

Who can be a partner of ElevenPaths? Any organization and company expert in creating innovative cybersecurity solutions.

According to the vocation of each partner and under our motto “together we are stronger,” in ElevenPaths we have created the best program with the following partner categories. Choose your specialty:


For those partners with which together we lead cybersecurity global initiatives.

Strategic Alliance Partners (SAP).

Aimed at strategic partners of the global cybersecurity market: technology partners with bidirectional integration of technologies.

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More Markets

For those partners with which together we bring cybersecurity to new and different markets.

Telco Security Partners (TSP)

Designed for telecommunication companies that do not have an offer in B2B security or have a developing security portfolio.

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Solution & Services Partners (SSP)

Aimed at partners with custom-built solutions or integrations: companies that integrate a product of ElevenPaths as part of some of their solutions.

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Better Products

For those partners with which we together build better cybersecurity products and services.

Technology Alliance Partners (TAP)

Designed for start-ups or already established technology companies that integrate their technology to our products and/or services.

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Research & Development Partners (RDP)

Designed for cybersecurity R&D partners and those research and development centers that collaborate to enhance our products and/or services.

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