ElevenPaths official launch in Brazil

ElevenPaths official launch in Brazil

Madrid, March 14, 2019. - ElevenPaths, welcomes the launch of its trademark in Brazil with an event in São Paulo that represents the strengthening of the Telefónica Cyber Security Unit within Vivo, the trademark under which the Telco operates over the country and whose growth in last years has been really significant for the group.

Through this event, Vivo introduces officially the enhancement of their cybersecurity services, since they have integrated all Elevenpaths capacities into their portfolio. In a similar vein, they will present their vision on the future cybersecurity trends that control the market as well as the unit’s main strategic lines for Brazil in the years to come. Their growth is expected to reach 8 % with respect to the previous year, so their turnover is expected to increase from 316.0 mR$ to 342.1 mR$, while they strengthen their position as a key player within the market and they position themselves as Intelligence MSSP (iMSSP).

At this launch event we will see speakers such as Chema Alonso, Telefónica Chief Data Officer and ElevenPaths Chairman; Alex Salgado, Vivo B2B Vice-Chair; Ari Lopes, Ovum Analyst; and Gabriel Bergel, ElevenPaths CSA (Chief Security Ambassador), among others. They will go over the company’s innovation offer on digital security, analyze the current outlook of the Brazilian market and will compare MSSPs performance on the market through Ovum Decision Matrix.

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