ElevenPaths and Microsoft Partner to Strengthen Leadership in Cybersecurity

ElevenPaths and Microsoft Partner to Strengthen Leadership in Cybersecurity

Both companies, key players in the digital security sector, join forces to strengthen and expand companies’ global leadership in cybersecurity.

Madrid, June 27, 2019.- ElevenPaths, the Telefónica Cybersecurity Unit, and Microsoft, both key companies in the digital security sector, forge a partnership to strengthen and extend their global cybersecurity leading position.

Major companies are currently undertaking ambitious and costly digital transformation processes in order to meet the current business environment. It is essential that this development takes place while protecting the organizational assets at any stage, as well as reducing the business exposure to risk. At ElevenPaths, as an iMSSP (Intelligence Managed Security Service Provider), they redefine security towards cyber resilience; and Microsoft, by placing security as a horizontal service in all their products, they create solutions to build a real trust among users. For this reason, this partnership is going to strengthen cybersecurity solutions and provide the best services to the clients of both companies.

For many years, Microsoft and Telefónica have had a close relationship regarding several activities, such as researches jointly undertaken with the Microsoft Digital Crime Unit. Regarding cloud services and solutions, Telefónica has already integrated Microsoft tools to complete their portfolio of services.

This partnership is based on the joint work carried out to date by these two companies, both on the use of data and on Telefónica 4th platform, upon which new services have been developed, such as Auraꟷthe artificial intelligence-powered digital assistantꟷ, as well as on the recent strategic partnership to design the future telco industry that was presented over the past Mobile World Congress.

Through the implementation of joint security services to this corporate partnership, Telefónica succeeds in enhancing and enriching the public cloud service portfolio that they already offer to their clients. The joint strategy with Microsoft is based on the combination of Microsoft Azure with Communication and Security services already provided by Telefónica, so offering a portfolio of services that allow to provide an end-to-end experience without precedent to the clients.

ElevenPaths cloud environment protection services rest upon three pillars: own solutions, third-party solutions and managed services. With this partnership, ElevenPaths becomes an expert partner in Microsoft native security solutions, both in SaaS Office 365 and IaaS/PaaS with Azure. This allows to overcome the growing demand for data protection and workload services by their clients. In such a way, Telefónica is the best partner for those organizations on the way to the secure adoption of cloud services within their digital transformation processes. ElevenPaths, as an iMSSP, has the ability to consistently and completely protect clients’ assets, regarding their installations and deployments in Microsoft public or hybrid clouds. In the same manner, it provides high security levels over the digital transformation process, where the cloud is a key element, and security both on the cloud and over the agile developments of DevOps/DevSecOp companies.

The broad portfolio of security solutions provided by Microsoft makes it necessary to rely on a global partner, with capacities for consulting, architecture, deployment and subsequent support and maintenance tasks of Microsoft solutions. Telefónica has more than 6,900 managed-service clients and more than 2,800 cybersecurity experts, so they have the necessary methodology and capabilities to provide the best services to those clients that choose Microsoft Technology. From their 11 SOcs located in America and Europe, they manage more than 8.8 million endpoints and monitor more than 12,300 devices.

“We are convinced that the strengthening of our partnership will provide more secure environments and 100% tailored services to our clients. With this new strategic partnership with Microsoft, our security services for the public cloud will allow companies to reduce their cyber risks, maximize the value of their cloud investments as well as to be more cyber resilient”, highlighted Pedro Pablo Pérez, CEO of ElevenPaths and CEO Telefónica Business Security Unit..

“Companies, in their process of digital transformation, are moving much of their IT to the public cloud, so security is essential to ensure business continuity. This alliance allows us to offer our clients a transition and operation in the public cloud with all the guarantees”, says José María Cuéllar, Telefónica’s Global Cloud Director.

“Digital transformation makes it possible a higher acceleration and a smooth connectivity on the various environments currently used by organizations. ElevenPaths works to face current cybernetic challenges with a high expertise in cybersecurity, and they collaborate with Microsoft to better protect their clients”, said Ann Johnson, CVP Cybersecurity at Microsoft Corporation.

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