ElevenPaths and Enigmasec associate to help small and medium organizations in face of invasion of systems.

ElevenPaths and Enigmasec associate to help small and medium organizations in face of invasion of systems.

ElevenPaths and Enigmasec associate to help small and medium organizations in face of invasion of systems.

  • This new collaboration agreement between Enigmasec, specialists in cybersecurity incident response will improve the response capabilities of their customers against cyber threats that successfully manage to evade traditional defense mechanisms.
  • The alliance reinforces the joint objective of both companies to provide information of vital importance in order to respond adequately to a system intrusion.

Madrid, 14 February 2017. ElevenPaths, Telefónica Cyber Security Unit and Enigmasec, a cybersecurity service orientated company and a solution provider for cybersecurity incident response capabilities, have signed a technological collaboration agreement with objective in providing essential information to help companies face cyber intrusions with increased resilience, confidence and efficiency.

Nowadays, there’s no accessible tool that can compile evidences to track information from a security incident, helping to reduce the response time to it. In this context rises Enigmabox, a tool created by Enigmasec to detect security incidents and collect the data for analysis.

This agreement included Latch technology as an authentication solution, increasing confidentiality in managing systems’ accesses. Igor Lukic, Enigmasec’s CEO, tell us that “Enigmabox works like an airplane’s black box, so in case our customer has some security issue, all its information will be stored in the same place. It also works as a warning system to provide responses to security incidents”.

The collaboration agreement of both companies allows to exchange experiences oriented to incident responses, and also combine synergies in commercial agreements to develop the future of cybersecurity solutions with other players in this theme. ElevenPaths’ Vice President in Strategic Partnerships, Rames Sarwat, comments about the deal “this alliance supports our goal, adding precious information to react correctly facing a system intrusión”.

ElevenPaths and Enigmasec will include these services in their portfolios, increasing our solutions in cybersecurity.

About ElevenPaths

At ElevenPaths, Telefónica Cybersecurity Unit, we believe in the idea of challenging the current state of security, an attribute that must always be present in technology. We’re always redefining the relationship between security and people, with the aim of creating innovative security products which can transform the concept of security, thus keeping us one step ahead of attackers, who are increasingly present in our digital life.

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About Telefónica

Telefónica is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world by market capitalization and number of customers with a comprehensive offering and quality of connectivity that is delivered over world class fixed, mobile and broadband networks. As a growing company it prides itself on providing a differential experience based both on its corporate values and a public position that defends customer interests.

The company has a significant presence in 21 countries and over 322 million accesses around the world. Telefónica has a strong presence in Spain, Europe and Latin America, where the company focuses an important part of its growth strategy.

Telefónica is a 100% listed company, with more than 1.5 million direct shareholders. Its share capital currently comprises 4,975,199,197 ordinary shares traded on the Spanish Stock Market and on those in London, New York, Lima, and Buenos Aires.

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About Enigmasec

Solving and preventing security incidents is the main reason for the creation of ENIGMASEC. For this reason its greatest value is its staff, an experienced group of professionals with extensive knowledge in the world of computer security; Backed-up by a strong business investors group that has been operating for 20 years in Spain and Canary Islands in the ICT sector, producing more than 600 jobs.

Enigmasec values is applying Hacking DNA culture along with a visceral ethic, we have developed solutions to prevent proliferate cybercrime activities. This is based on three differentiated pillars with which we reduce the vector of possible attacks, thus counteracting the surface of possible attacks in your organization by performing 24×7 intrusion tests using ElevenPaths technologies, forensic analysis when needed and the creation of our own Enigmabox tool as an incident response solution.

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