Edaboard.com information leak

Edaboard.com information leak

This forum for electronics has become a target of a data leak. How many users got affected? Our team of intelligence analysts reveals you first-hand details of the latest leak case.

On 20th July the access credentials emerged on edaboard.com, a forum specialised in electronics. The platform, which currently has more than half a million members, was affected when the access data of more than 459,000 users was published. The data divulged was of a personal nature and included the alias used in the forum, the email and the access password. Given the technological profile of the users, many of the members appear to belong to international organisations and governmental entities.

Among the organisations affected, corporate email accounts of EU and Indian space agencies (nasa.gov and isro.gov) have been identified, as well as eighty accounts belonging to the mil domain, reserved for military use in the USA or critical infraestructures in the energy sector. The leak was carried out through the Twitter account @imtolame, which was withdrawn from the exchange platform MEGA, where it was housed the day after the publication.

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