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DroneTinder: Continuous monitoring in Tinder with Virtual Drones, by Julio García and Pablo San Emeterio

August 3rd, 2017. We present a new special edition of ElevenPaths Talks, in which our experts Pablo San Emeterio and Julio García explain the privacy problems that can exist behind applications as popular as Tinder. They will also demonstrate the Drone Tinder project, explaining how it is possible to follow someone 24x7, simply through the use of this social network. Connect to the webinar to find out more!

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The proliferation of tools to monitor internet activity is the result of the emergence of new ways of using the network in an increasingly interconnected society. However, organized groups also use the network, and they make use of their different structures in order to meet their objectives. Although many of these tools are oriented towards the surveillance of social networks, few of them have implemented solutions that analyse what type of content or threats could arise through social networks of contacts such as Tinder.

From an intelligence analyst’s point of view, Tinder provides reliable information for locating people. To be registered within the application, a Facebook profile is necessary in order to validate the user, in addition to a valid phone number. This is why this project is oriented around the generation of bots within Tinder that monitor a specific area. Once identified within that specified area, the profiles that use this application can be followed and located at any time.

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