Cybersecurity Services

Digital Exposure

Sophisticated cybercriminal networks target VIPs, employees and customers, as well as the organization’s brand, reputation or intellectual property. Our products and services reach where our customer’s business have presence, and analyze the behaviour of their technological assets and their internet exposure, along with intangible assets beyond their physical boundaries, such as their brand and reputation.

Explore our Cybersecurity Services provided to control organization’s digital exposure:

Vulnerability Management

A global view of organizations’ weaknesses, helping to identify security threats and allowing management of their correction.


Threat detection and anticipation based on multi-source, internal and external information analyzed by cyber intelligence specialists.

Mobile Channel Risk

Monitorization and analysis of millions of mobile apps while adding thousands of new apps every day.

Benchmarking & Supply Chain

An overall view of organizations’ security status and that of their suppliers and stakeholders.