Cybersecurity Services

Digital Exposure

Sophisticated cybercriminal networks target VIPs, employees and customers, as well as the organization’s infrastructure, brand, reputation and intellectual property. Our products and services fully map and protect the digital footprint of our customers’ business. We help companies understand the exposure of their assets to digital risks, analyze their vulnerabilities, monitor all threat activity, alert when risks are detected and contribute to threat response.

Explore our Cybersecurity Services provided to control an organization’s digital exposure:

Vulnerability Management

Global view of organizations weaknesses, helping them to implement effective strategies for a comprehensive and integral vulnerability management.


Monitoring of a wide range of open and dark web sources to manage and mitigate organizations' digital risks, including brand exposure, online fraud, data exposure, etc.

Mobile Channel Risks

Comprehensive vision of the organization’s mobile ecosystem, identifying security flaws in their official applications, while dealing with malicious apps targeting their customers.

Benchmarking &
Supply Chain

Automated cybersecurity rating that can help any organization track its security performance against their competitors, and monitor how the security risks of its vendors evolve in real time.