Managed Security Operations


Supervision of your security equipment to keep you updated at all times

Delegate the administration and supervision activities of your security equipment (Firewall, IDS / IPS, anti-virus, etcetera) in the cutting-edge Telefónica SOCs network all around the Globe. Device Management and Health Check comprises the security policies administration and automated health-check monitoring over your IT security devices, remotely and permanently (24x7x365) provided through a supervisory proprietary platform. With Telefonica’s Device Management and health check, your organization will have full-time protection with real-time awareness.

Device Management and Health Check brings you:

  • Control over your security equipment deployed both on-premise or Virtual Private Cloud.
  • Centralized administrationof your security strategy.
  • Experience, since the Telefonica´s security team is keeping updated against the latest threats.
  • Immediate notification about the real status of your security and risk management.
  • Personalized advise on correct sizing of your architecture and security investing.
  • Global coverage from the nine Telefonica’s Security Operational Centres.


  • Full-time protection, your security equipment is updated at any time against the latest threats.
  • Decrease the risk level, generated by internal staff rotation and skill obsolescence, trusting in our continuous qualified SOC personal.
  • Confidence and awareness, because you know in real-time what is happening, what measures have to be taken and all your request are immediately addressing.
  • Simplicity, since you delegate the complexity of dealing with numerous security technologies and vendors.
  • Cost saving thanks to a single-point of management, correct sizing of your security and access to the maintenance and renewal distinctive vendor agreements of Telefonica.

Technology leveraged:

Learn more about the in-house technologies leveraged by the service Device Management & Health Check:


It correlates the relevant security information in an advanced fashion; it categorizes and reports incidents and allowing to visualize that information, providing you with automatic responses in real time.