Cybersecurity Report 19H2, Cyber Security Status Report

Cybersecurity Report 19H2, Cyber Security Status Report

Currently, there are a number of reports addressing trends and summaries on security. However, at ElevenPaths we want to make a difference. Our Innovation and Labs team has just launched another release of our own cybersecurity report, summarizing the most significant information from the second half of 2019. The report’s philosophy is providing a global, targeted and useful vision on the most relevant data and facts on cybersecurity. It is addressed to cybersecurity professionals and enthusiasts, in a simple and visually-appealing format.

Given all the above, this report aims to summarize latest information on cybersecurity (ranging from security on mobile phones to cyber risk, from the most relevant news to the most technical ones and the most common vulnerabilities), while covering most aspects of the field, in order to help the readers to understand the risks of the current outlook.

The information here presented is mostly based on the collection and synthesis of internal data that have been contrasted with public information from sources considered to be of quality. Let’s examine below some points that we consider important.

» Download the complete report: “Cybersecurity Report 19H2, Security Status Report”