CyberSecurity Pulse 2016-02-04

CyberSecurity Pulse 2016-02-04

Analyst Insight

Collective Intelligence, The Great Unknown

Have you ever stopped to think that most of the decisions made on a day to day are the result of teamwork? Although the IQ tests on people are known since some time, the existence of this type of tests to evaluate team's intelligence is much less known. In this regard, Thomas Malone, Christopher Chabris and Anita Williams have opened a new line of research in order to determine what features should contain teams to be smarter than others.

CyberSecurity Pulse 2016-02-04In an interesting study published in Science, these researchers found out that, contrary to what one might think, the most intelligent groups should not necessarily be composed of members with the highest IQ who can also be defined as outgoing and satisfied with their job. In fact, the smartest teams are compounded of people who hold the following characteristics: on the one hand, they include women and are generally formed of people with greater empathy while, on the other, group discussions are no longer dominated by one or two of their most influential members.

The proliferation of collaborative tools makes the network emerge as the ideal means to promote multicultural teams scattered around the world and to work together on solutions to similar problems. In this sense, Eleven Paths has created a virtual community of security experts in order to enhance the collective knowledge to become more efficient than we were in the past.

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Top Stories

Dutch Police Training Eagles to Take Down Rogue Drones

CyberSecurity Pulse 2016-02-04The Dutch National Police force is training eagles to take down rogue drones, instead of shooting them, using radio jammers, net-wielding interceptor drones or anti-drone rifle. If dogs can be trained, so can eagles. Keeping this in mind, it is the first time that a police authority has trained eagles to safely bring down bad quadcopters in emergency cases. Dutch police has reportedly collaborated with a raptor training company called 'Guard From Above' to train eagles to recognise drones and snatch them with its talons.

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Europe Wants to End the Anonymity of Bitcoin

CyberSecurity Pulse 2016-02-04The European Commission (EC) wants to end anonymous trading in virtual currencies in order to help track the money laundering. The plan therefore calls for virtual currency exchange platforms to be brought under the scope, which would mean that exchange markets would have to report just who used their services and when they were used. While the plan doesn't offer evidence of virtual currencies being used to finance terrorism, the EC feels it is better to contemplate regulation as part of the ongoing effort to stop terror attacks.

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Rest of the Week´s News

US Police and cPanel Affected by Information Leaks

Last week, ‎Director of Internal Development, Aaron Stone, said in a statement that one of the cPanel customer databases may have been breached. The information stored in the database included names and contact information and passwords. In the same way, the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), a US Police Organisation, has been hacked and 2,5GB data leaked online.

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Apache Misconfiguration Exposes Tor Hidden Servers

Most distributions of Apache Server shipped with the status module enabled by default could disclose the real location of the .onion domains in Tor. Although the loophole was reported to the Tor Project some months ago, it recently came to the limelight thanks to Alec Muffet, a well-known security and current software engineer at Facebook.

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Julian Assange Could Be Set Free On Friday by UN

The results of the United Nations investigation into the Julian Assange case are set to be revealed and could order the release of Wikileaks founder on February 5. In this sense, if the group concludes that Assange has been being illegally detained, the UN is expected to call on the UK and Sweden governments to release him soon after.

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