About ElevenPaths

ElevenPaths, offering disruptive innovation in cybersecurity to bring privacy and trust to our digital life.

In a technological world based on connectivity, security is imperative in our digital life. Nowadays, threats are becoming more frequent and sophisticated, affecting organizations and individuals, endangering their economy, reputation, privacy and trust.

At ElevenPaths we believe that a more secure digital world is possible. That is why we offer a secure digital experience without forgetting the usability of our technologies.

ElevenPaths, Telefónica Cybersecurity Unit

ElevenPaths, Telefónica Cybersecurity Unit

ElevenPaths, Telefónica’s cybersecurity global unit.

The digital world opens up a world of endless possibilities for both individuals and businesses. Therefore, at ElevenPaths we create disruptive innovation in cybersecurity in order to provide the privacy and trust that our digital life needs. This objective can only be achieved by combining the freshness and energy of a start-up, with the power, robustness and global reach that Telefónica has.

We believe in driving a new current and reinventing the security industry. In order to do so, we have the best experts, highly qualified in cybersecurity. Passionate people who make technology where the limit is their imagination. We also develop young talents to provide comprehensive protection in the digital age.

ElevenPaths Team

We collaborate with the main bodies and entities such as the European Commission, CyberThreat Alliance, ECSO, EuroPol, Incibe, and the OEA.

We integrate our solutions with technologies from leading technology companies such as Fortinet, LogTrust, Palo Alto, RSA, Spamina, Symantec + Blue Coat and F5.

In addition, we drive entrepreneurship by investing in security start-ups such as Countercraft, 4IQ, BlueLive, LogTrust, IMBox and Alise Devices.

Thanks to these collaborations, alliances and Telefónica’s expertise, we can offer a portfolio of comprehensive cybersecurity solutions for the world of the Internet of Things, identity and privacy, anti-fraud, document management, industrial cybersecurity, secure mobility and risk management, with the aim of delivering a solution to our clients adapted to their specific needs.