Security Products

Cloud & Data Security

We help enterprises to protect their data in the cloud, in the network and at the endpoints through data and user centric protection. Gain trust and visibility preventing un-authorised accesses and usage of company information as well as contributing legal compliance.

Explore our Security Products created to protect your data:

Clean Email

A comprehensive cloud based service that offers protection and trust for company sent and received emails.

Web Security Gateway

Controlled and secure Internet access for employees through any device and network.

Data Loss Prevention

Secure and monitor data in use, in transit and at rest within and outside the company perimeter.

Secure Collaboration

Share information in files in cross company collaborative environments in a controlled and secure way guaranteeing confidentiality and integrity.

SaaS Encryption

SaaS service for encrypting company information to manage keys and keep confidentiality under control.

Secure Personal Communications

Companies´ voice and instant messaging protection by encrypting peer-to-peer communications.