Our alliance with SealPath for the integration of your technology with the Metashield and Shadow tools (ElevenPaths data loss prevention technologies), can help our clients to protect their critical documents.

SealPath allows professionals and companies to protect their critical documents wherever they are: on PC, on corporate network, on a partner's network, in the cloud, to name but a few. Even once the document has been sent, shared and is beyond the control of the IT Department.

In SealPath they are faced with a paradigm shift in the way in which users communicate, and the way in which companies' information should be secured. In a world where data is increasingly "mobile", with companies with a mixture of on-site and cloud infrastructure, the true perimeter of the company is its own data and documents, and these are the ones that must be protected Wherever they are All this without changing the way users work and boosting productivity through simple but safe solutions.

Sorli supermarkets trace their data with SealPath