OPSWAT is a global cybersecurity company that has provided security solutions for enterprises since 2002. Trusted by over 1,000 organizations worldwide, OPSWAT prevents corporate damage by enabling the most effective solutions to eliminate security risks from data and devices coming into and out of an organization.

OPSWAT has teamed up with ElevenPaths, Telefonica Cyber Security Unit, to integrate MetaDefender Cloud with Tacyt, a solution created by Telefonica that provides a powerful cross-market and cross-platform search engine in mobile markets(Android and iOS) to analyze and filter on the basis of different parameters: dates, file size, images, relationships between apps, circumstantial data, developers, digital certificates, etc. Tacyt monitors, stores, analyzes, correlates and classifies millions of mobile apps while adding thousands of new apps every day.

The integration of OPSWAT MetaDefender Cloud with Tacyt, the cyber intelligence mobile threat detection tool developed by ElevenPaths, provides an intelligent and industry-leading solution to address the mobile threats perfectly complementing each other, and ultimately, providing the final user with an end-to-end joint solution aimed at detecting, analyzing and monitoring advanced mobile threats.

ElevenPaths is also malware research partner with OPSWAT, sharing the goal of helping cybersecurity vendors globally to better and more quickly protect their customers from mobile threats. We have conducted joint researches in the past regarding malware targeting mobile devices, and more recently we continue to collaborate to make the mobile ecosystem more and more secure.