The partnership between ElevenPaths and Devo provides Telefónica customers with access to a suite of security services that will help them to comply with security and privacy regulations, including GDPR, and store customer data securely in Telefonica’s data centers. Solutions include:

- Security Monitoring – a self-managed service that provides customers with a comprehensive view of the security status of their cloud, IT and security resources, and enables monitoring through customized alert generation.
- Data Management – a managed security service that enables Telefónica customers to collect, store, search and analyze in real-time any IT, security, network or application log data, regardless of its size or the retention period.

This partnership also enhances existing Telefónica security services, including WAF and Clean Pipes. Devo provides an extra visibility layer to the customer for these Telefónica security services, which control traffic, enable web filtering to limit exposure to malicious content and implement corporate internet usage policies, and protect against threats and unauthorized access. Customer portals for these services have been developed over the Devo platform, providing customers with real-time dashboards and reporting.