Cytomic is the business unit of Panda Security specialized in resolving security problems of the Enterprise segment.

Committed to efficient risk management and active defense against present and future threats, Cytomic’s portfolio is based on the Panda Adaptive Defense family of solutions. More than a division of the current Panda Security portfolio, Cytomic adapts its offering to the specific needs of large enterprises, incorporating additional capacities to the Panda Security solutions, as well as more advanced services for its customers.

As a differential value compared to its direct competitors, Cytomic adds layers of service, which it makes available to its customers. It does this thanks to its binomial between technology and service, with the layer of threat hunting, attestation service, as well as the offer of different kinds of clouds (public, on-premise and hybrid) and a differentiated instance in Azure, as well as the new Customer platform (Orion).

A combination of solutions and services, completely and natively provided from the cloud, which incorporate the application of two paradigms: scaled data analytics in Security Data Analytics; and a community model to enrich our threat intelligence. Both axioms are precursors for a defensive, adaptive, efficient and resilient cybersecurity. This way, with a highly specialized team, Cytomic provides a first-rate horizontal offering on a platform with the capacity to automate and standardize processes.

Cytomic has teamed up with ElevenPaths, Telefonica Cyber Security Company, to incorporate its Panda Adaptive Defensesolution amongst the advanced detection and intelligence technologies managed by our Security Operation Centres (SOCs), within the MDR services (Detection and Managed Response) that complete our managed security services.

Cytomic is the global EDR protection provider for Telefónica's internal consumption.

ElevenPaths is Enterprise Partner of Cytomic.

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