Through our partnership with CounterCraft, ElevenPaths provides an innovative Cyber Deception and Counterintelligence platform as part of our MDR Advanced Threat Detection service, that gives organizations a significant cyber advantage. Cyber Deception and Counterintelligence enable proactive and earlier threat detection, enhanced threat hunting and attack investigation, and highly personalized threat intelligence with real-time active response and zero false positives. Our proactive deception and counterintelligence service creates a highly-credible synthetic environment that mimics the organization’s existing network, systems, and naming conventions.

ElevenPaths is a WorldWide MSSP & Professional Service Business Partner of CounterCraft. CounterCraft is also funded by Telefonica Open Future/Wayra.

CounterCraft empowers organizations to strengthen their security posture more efficiently than ever before. CounterCraft is a pioneering provider of full-spectrum cyber deception and ground-breaking threat hunting and cyber counterintelligence to detect, investigate and control targeted attacks. CounterCraft is recognized worldwide for its radical contribution to the deception technology market and operates in more than 20 Fortune500 Index companies globally, including financial institutions, governments and Law Enforcement Agencies. Founded in 2015, CounterCraft is present in London, Madrid and Los Angeles, with R&D in San Sebastián (Spain).

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