Mobile security
Check Point has teamed up with ElevenPaths, Telefónica Cyber Security company, to provide joint mobile protection services globally. The agreement between Check Point and ElevenPaths includes Check Point's SandBlast Mobile solution for advanced mobile threats integrated with Tacyt, our innovative cyber intelligence tool for mobile threats, to provide a one-stop complete and innovative solution to face mobile cyber threats.

ElevenPaths is as well Mobility Technology Partner of Check Point, sharing both the goal of protecting our customers from mobile threats. We have conducted joint researches in the past about the Hummingbad malware, and more recently and we continue to collaborate to make the mobile ecosystem more and more secure.

Besides, Telefónica is specialized as a 4-Star Channel Partner of Check Point focus on selling and integrating Check Point’s wide range of security products in addition to the most comprehensive and intuitive managed security services offered by Telefónica. We are also a Managed Service Provider Partner of Check Point, focus on outsourcing and centralizing security management for our end users.

Joint solution:

The product integration of Check Point’s SandBlast Mobile solution with Tacyt, the cyber intelligence mobile threat tool developed by ElevenPaths, provides an intelligent and industry-leading solution to address the mobile threats of our customers, perfectly complementing the each other, and ultimately, providing the final user with an end-to-end join solution aimed at detecting, analyzing and monitoring advanced mobile threats. During the Security Day17 and the CPX17 events we have showed our strategic partnership with Check Point, and the joint integration of both solutions.

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Mobile security