AWS Security Competence status
ElevenPaths, Telefonica Cyber Security company, has developed a suite of cloud security services and capabilities to support the deployment of secure architectures with a seamless experience for our customers across Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) and on-premises environments. Such capabilities span infrastructure security, network security, security posture management, cloud workload protection, security monitoring, incident detection and response including automated remediation, vulnerability management and data protection among others. We have built a portfolio of security services for AWS including:

-Cloud Security Professional Services for AWS: consultancy services to help you define and develop a security framework that includes your organization security policies, compliance requirements and best practices to monitor and enhance effectively your security posture in AWS. We also have deep experience working with businesses to help you implement security measures to protect your business-critical systems as they are being moved to AWS.

-Cloud Managed Security Service for AWS that provides comprehensive visibility into your cloud assets, network security and native services configuration in order to identify inherent risks, enforce compliance requirements and governance standards and identify security incidents close to real time providing automated alerting and automated response for specific use cases.

ElevenPaths has achieved AWS Security Competency status and that differentiates us as an AWS Partner Network (APN) member (Consulting Partner) that provides specialized consulting services designed to help enterprises adopt, develop and deploy complex security projects on AWS. ElevenPaths has trained and certified security experts on AWS’s security tools and features, and it has demonstrated success in helping customers in multiple areas: design their security architectures, deploying security measures that combine and complement AWS’s native security with ISV security solutions and providing cloud managed security services on AWS to monitor their security posture and protect their critical workloads deployed on AWS.

Telefónica has a strategic collaboration with AWS to help companies and organizations accelerate their journey to the cloud and boost their digital transformation. To enable this transformation, Telefónica has trained and certified specialists in AWS services and best practices, while AWS has dedicated resources to support Telefónica and their customers. Moreover, Telefónica has been awarded as the Best AWS APN Consulting Partner 2019 in Spain. We will take care of the migration and management of your Amazon Web Services.

ElevenPaths has achieved Amazon Web Services (AWS) Security Competency status

DIA, the Spanish multinational company specialising in the distribution of food, household and personal care products

Viesgo, the electric company that bases its business on the generation and distribution of electricity

AWS Security Competence status