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Become our Commercial Partner

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Why become a Telefónica Cyber Security & Cloud Tech Commercial Partner?

This program is addressed to telcos, (read article: Telco’s: as a major player in the cyberspace) system integrators or MSSPs willing to expand their cyber security and cloud business offer and provide their customers with the best technology products and services.

This is a worldwide program that covers all regions excluding Telefónica Tech footprint (Spain, UK, Brazil and Hispam).

Discover why become a Telefónica Tech Cyber Security & Cloud Commercial Partner


Capture the Cyber Security opportunity and make use of our marketing resources

Working together means that you can leverage our infrastructure, processes and professional experts, so that you can provide Security Services to your SMB and Enterprise customers. You will reduce the cost and complexity of entering the cyber security business.

We will accompany you throughout your journey with your customers, offering support through training programs and a resources library, including case studies, guides, e-books, commercial presentations and event materials.

Benefit from a unique and comprehensive portfolio

We offer a complete portfolio that covers, in a holistic way, all the phases of security attacks based on the NIST cyber security framework.

Our service portfolio reflects our capabilities in both professional and technological services, including MSS, MDR and intelligence capabilities, network, cloud, IoT and OT security, and all with our wrap-around consulting services.

Be at the forefront of innovation

R&D and innovation is key in a fast-changing threat environment, and it is at the core of our security strategy.

We operate 9 labs and innovation centers globally, developing our own product innovations and security tools that are used and tested at our SOCs.

We have an active program to invest in the best cyber security and cloud start-ups to develop new business.


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Discover our partners

Strategic Partners

Aimed at strategic partners of the global cyber security market: technology partners with bidirectional integration of technologies.

Technology Alliances

Designed for start-ups or already established technology companies that integrate their technology to our products and/or services.

Telco Security Alliance

We are members of the Telco Security Alliance

This Alliance among Telcos, led by Telefónica, Singtel, Etisalat, AT&T and Softbank, aims to share network intelligence on cyber threats and utilise their joint global reach, assets and cyber security capabilities to serve clients worldwide.


We rely on entrepreneurial talent. Telefónica Cyber Security Tech works with start-ups to continue to be world leaders in innovation.

By this idea, and implementing standard procedures and working methods, we want to listen to start-ups and add value to the existing products and services. To this end, we collaborate with Wayra, Open Future, Innovation Funds and Telefónica Ventures.

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Who can be a partner of Telefónica Cyber Security Tech?

Any organisation and company expert in creating innovative cyber security solutions.

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