Clients and partners

Together We Create More Secure Digital World.

The confidence of our customers is the result of the reliability provided by the combination of our products and services with the power of a great company and the experience of our more than 2,500 professionals.

Our goal is to prevent, detect and respond to reduce attacks, protect digital services, and ensure the cyber resilience of our customers business.

We actively contribute to the cyber security community through our partnerships as well as our broad Partners Programme that allows us to improve our products and reach more markets.

In an environment where cyberthreats are continuously increasing, cyber security has become a matter of great concern among companies and users.

At Telefónica Cyber Security Tech we believe that ‘together we are stronger’. That’s why our Partners Programme is focused on helping organisations achieve digital transformation in a secure way.

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Telco Security Alliance

We are members of Telco Security Alliance

This Security Global Strategic Alliance led by Etisalat, Singtel, SoftBank and Telefónica is aimed to share network intelligence on cyberthreats and benefit from its global combined scope, intelligence, assets and cyber security capabilities to help and protect customers worldwide.


Telefónica Cyber Security Tech works with start-ups of the sector

By this idea, and implementing standard procedures and working methods, we want to listen to start-ups and add value to the existing products and services. To this end, we collaborate with Wayra, Open Future, Innovation Funds and Telefónica Ventures.

Our customers trust us

"Mobile devices are critical to the way we do business today. With cyberattackers growing in sophistication and frequency, exposing both the business and personal data we store on smartphones and tablets, mobile devices are the newest enterprise EndPoints that demand securing. Check Point and Telefónica Cyber Security Tech have partnered to address those threats, providing a joint solution that provides unparalleled mobile security that protects businesses around the world from attacks".

Amnon Bar-Lev President - Check Point

Who can join our Partners Programme?


Any organisation or company specialized in developing innovative cyber security solutions.